What is a Business Model Canvas: Simak 7 Komponennya
What is a Business Model Canvas: Explore Its 7 Components

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic management tool designed to assist companies in designing, identifying, and managing their business models holistically. “What is a business model canvas,” a question that may have crossed your mind when reading this title, is a question we will delve into deeply in this article. As a popular framework, the BMC enables business owners and managers to detail the key elements of their business models in a visual and easily understandable way.

Components of the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas consists of seven main components that play a crucial role in shaping a company’s business model. Here is a brief explanation of each component:

Customer Segments: Detailing the potential target market or customers of the company. Examples could involve segmenting customers based on demographics, geography, or specific needs.

Value Propositions: Stating the unique value or benefits offered by the company to customers. It is essential to understand how the company’s products or services meet the needs or problems of customers.

Channels: Explaining how the company delivers products or services to customers. This includes distribution and marketing strategies used by the company.

Customer Relationships: Describing the type of relationships the company wants to build with customers. Whether it’s personal relationships, automated interactions, or intensive customer support.

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Revenue Streams: Defining how the company generates revenue from customers. It could involve direct sales, subscriptions, or other revenue models.

Key Resources: Listing assets and resources crucial for the company’s operational sustainability. This may include skilled employees, technology, or intellectual property.

Key Activities: Determining the key actions and activities the company performs to run its business model. Examples include production, marketing, or research and development.

How to Fill the Business Model Canvas

  1. Identify Customers and Their Needs: Conduct research to understand who your potential customers are and what they need.
  2. Explain Your Unique Value: Focus on elements that make your product or service different and better than others.
  3. Choose Effective Distribution Channels: Determine the best way to deliver your products or services to customers.
  4. Build Meaningful Relationships: Choose a customer relationship model that suits the characteristics of your market and product.
  5. Explore Diversified Revenue Sources: Don’t rely on a single revenue source; consider variations to enhance financial stability.
  6. Optimize Resources and Activities: Identify your key resources and ensure that core activities support the achievement of business goals.

By understanding the Business Model Canvas and carefully filling in each component, companies can create a strong foundation for designing and managing successful and sustainable business models. Remember to continually update the BMC in line with market changes and customer needs to remain relevant and innovative.

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